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I was born, raised and live in Utah County. I have enjoyed working with the various Owners, Developers, Engineers, Architects and all of the Municipalities of Utah and Wasatch Counties. I have been a licensed agent in the State of Utah for the past 23 years and have been involved in closing  over 1,100 transactions involving Office, Industrial and land acquisitions that contributed to some of the largest Commercial and Residential developments in our community. I enjoy working with all of the agents in our community.


I am an Advisor to my customers and clients.  I have personally developed and owned residential and commercial real estate.  I am not always looking to "list" your property and I will work as a consultant for a fee instead of commissions.  I enjoy providing clients with Broker Opinion of Value, and presenting before local municipalities for a zone change, site plan, or final plat approval.  I enjoy learning something new about real estate every day.


I commit to all customers that become exclusive clients a simple duty and obligation of service.  It is easily defined in 3 words- fiduciary, loyalty and obedience.  FIDUCIARY: My greatest duty is that of "Fiduciary Duty" - I will always act in the best interest my Clients.  LOYALTY: I obligate myself to place the best interest of my Clients above all other interests, including my own interest. OBEDIENCE: I obligate to obey all lawful instruction from my Clients.  A decision made by  my client may bot be in my best interest.  However, my duty is to the Client.

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